Saturday, 30 June 2012

All the Bells

The Olympics are coming, and although I will miss most of it, it would be cool if I could take part in some way.

It turns out I can, and so can every other Brit reading this, in an event called All the Bells.

The short version is, on Friday 27th July, at 08:12am, UK time, as many bells as possible, from doorbells and bike bells, all the way up to full cathedral bell-towers will ring, all across the United Kingdom.

  Taking part is easy - just stand on your doorstep and press your doorbell - but why not go the full hog? 

  • Are you in a cycling club?  Get them all out in the street, ringing their bike bells.
  • Live near a church?  Even if you're not religious, get in touch and get them involved.
  • Go to school?  Talk to the music teacher, borrow the hand bells or the tubular bells.
  • Are you an engineer?  Hang up the biggest lump of steel on the site, and beat it with a hammer.
Heck, just get all your friends to set an alarm on their phones and iPods with a bell-tone at 08:12, or turn up your PC speakers and play with sound effects.

Pass the website around your friends and contacts by Facebook or Twitter, put a poster up at work, add graphics and links to your blog, and generally spread the word.

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