Sunday, 3 April 2011

The Backup Plan

As my (hoards of) readers will know, my career is reaching a crunch-point.

My school is closing down in a few months, and I do not currently have anything for September.

I do, though, have a backup plan.

If I do not get a job in time, I will be starting a business instead.

I will be setting up as a provider of Technology and Science-based enrichment activities to schools in Suffolk and Norfolk, under the name of MakerDay.

It's a different blog, on a different system, with a different email address...


  1. Advice...get a new identity for business stuff. Don't be Kiteman for the business, and don't link work and personal blog. I think you'll go nuts censoring yourself and wind up frustrated you can't say what you want. >shrug< That's my two cents. :P

    (Oh, and Go MakerDay! :) )

  2. Good luck and I'll still be watching your blog. I also get a bit frustrated because I can't really write about my job, much, on the blog. (Fanatical Recycling Inc, it's full of pointlessness because I can't write about the idiots at work.)

  3. @A: Done - check the edited content of this post.

    @ Chris - thanks!

  4. Careful of linkbacks, though. :) If the link/mention stays on a publicly available post mentioned here, with enough digging the two could be linked. Although I don't know how concerned you are about it - whether you want bulletproof privacy or just not to make it patently obvious. :)

  5. @A: I think they're separate enough for now - it's not like I'm trying to hide underworld links or a dodgy CRB check.