Sunday, 20 May 2012

Incredible News!

I needed a kick to restart the blog, and here it is...

It's not a secret, but you may, dear reader, have missed the biggest news since I got a new job:

I am going to America!

Yes, dear reader, yours truly has been invited to be "Artist in Residence" at Instructables!

The entire Kitefamily will be spending the whole of August 2012 in San Francisco, "working" alongside the staff, on whatever projects I like!

If you do not know me, it is hard to express the significance of this event.  It's lottery-win excitement.  It's a soap-box racer being invited to join an F1 team, a bedroom musician getting the half-time gig at the Superbowl.

After I got the invitation, I grinned so much I actually got cramp in my cheeks!

Now, the plane tickets are booked, I've put a deposit down on an apartment for the month, and our visas are sorted.

I promise, as things move on, I will keep y'all updated.